Yeamans Machine Shop Expands Capabilities


Yeamans Machine Shop Inc., at 162 Eastgate Dr., in Los Alamos has acquired a Mazak 5-axis machining center. This machine is capable of 5-axis simultaneous machining. 

For those not familiar with this terminology, this means that the machine is using five different axes of motion in unison to move the cutting tool along its path. This allows for machining of very complex parts such as a turbo impeller. 

In addition to expanding the company’s capability to manufacture complex parts, this new machine also will improve efficiency and accuracy of other parts through the reduction of setup time and number of setups. This is accomplished using 3+2 machining, in which two axes are used to position the part, and the other three axes are used to machine the part. 

Yeamans Machine Shop is scheduled to take delivery of the machine this week and expects to have it up and running by July 21.

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