Yang: Small Whys – Requiring No Answers, Small Answers, Or Some Big Answers

Los Alamos

Small Whys: Requiring no answers, small answers, or some big answers.

I am the type who doesn’t catch cold often, but when I do, I get it big. I am entering the eighth day of an obnoxious cold. This is by way of saying that in today’s column, I will comment only on some random thoughts, queries, or observations that my clogged head can handle.

These queries may not be directly involved in organizational issues, but for some of them, you have to wonder what people were thinking in their organizing. There is no logical rhyme or reason for the order of the following list.

  • If a computer programmed voice can tell you on the phone that you must dial “1” first, why can’t the program just dial that “1” for you?
  • I listen a lot to radio, and while I am deeply grateful for our dedicated classical music station, it is commercial. Can’t there be radio commercials that are tastefully done? I get particularly annoyed when an advertisement announces consecutively the phone number three times! That right there would kill any tiny interest I might have in their product. Does repetition really bring in enough revenue for the company?
  • Airline schedules puzzle me. They are never known for being on time, so why “10:39” or “6:53” for departure or arrival? 
  • “God Bless America” makes me want to ask, “only America?” followed by “does God micro-manage our lives?”
  • A couple of years ago, there was a construction project remaking sidewalks in some of our neighborhoods. Now, it’s not unreasonable to assume that such a project would require planning ahead of time, so why did they begin to tear up sidewalks right before schools started?  When young students relied on the sidewalks?

When there are orange cones on the road, and there is a sign, “construction zone, expect delay!” Who’d thought?! And speaking of construction, what’s with only two or three persons working while 10 others just stand around and watch? Another phenomenon that drives me crazy is the mile-long zone blocked off with orange cones with no construction. I understand the need to have enough space before and after the construction area for cars to merge and fan out, but a mile long? Couldn’t they move the cones as the construction progresses; I mean, after all, they have people standing around doing very little.

About traffic…one day some sections of certain streets in our neighborhood were cordoned off for special events. I found myself coming toward a t-stop where I had no choice but to turn left. And there was an officer directing me to turn left. Honestly!

  • Casino billboard says, “Bigger Wins & More Often!” Seriously? If the casino can control the frequency and the amount of one’s winning, then, it’s obviously rigged, no?
  • I recently ordered some Twinning teas directly from its UK headquarters. The package arrived in only two days, with a “fragile” tape across the box! I appreciate a good tea, but it can’t be that precious. Or did marking it “fragile” help it go faster?
  • How can those pop-up ads on the computer actually result in increased sales? Recalling those radio ads that end with phone numbers three times, has annoyance become an advertising strategy? I have to assume that it must bring in enough revenue to make it worthwhile. Then, my question is: Same tactic but with taste, incurring no more cost, wouldn’t that bring in more revenue?
  • Why is a “having a diversified business strategy” considered good, while “being dominated by niche businesses” considered detrimental?  Aren’t they fundamentally the same?

Though I still can’t breath properly, I feel better now that these questions and observations are off my chest. Thanks for indulging me. Till next time,

Staying Sane and Charging Ahead.

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