Wow! What A Community: Los Alamos Helps Bear Cubs

The bear cubs eat mush, fruits and veggies, and dog food. All a part of a balanced bear diet. Courtesy photo

LEWF News:

Wow! What a community!

In just over two weeks since receiving the orphaned bear cubs, Valley Girl and Cowboy from New Mexico Game and Fish, Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation (LEWF) has received  more than $3,500 in donations for their care. We are well on our way to our $12,000 Goal.

Although a majority of these donations have come from wonderful Los Alamos, we also have received funding from as far west as California, and as far east as Maine. Truly, the way news can travel with today’s technology is amazing!

Dr. Ramsay has informed us that the bears cubs are well on their way to a recovery. She tells us that their food consists of a giant bowl of “mush”, fruits and veggies, and dog food. All a part of a balanced bear diet, and they never leave any left overs.

LEWF and Dr. Ramsay are partnering with other organizations to find ways of getting pictures to the community without disrupting the cubs. As soon as our system is in place, photos will be released for everyone to enjoy.

We here at LEWF are truly grateful to the community who has galvanized together to help these little cubs get a second chance!

To donate, please visit or our Facebook at

Every penny will to help these wonderful animals. As always, be safe, and enjoy our nature!