Workshop: Make Your Money Last In Retirement

Peter Murphy, American Prosperity Group

UNM-LA News:

Invest three hours of your time and learn how to plan for retirement. Peter D. Murphy will teach “Retirement Income: Make Your Money Last”, 5:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, July 7 through UNM-Los Alamos Community Education.

Murphy will teach students to make the most of retirement income streams; tap into retirement accumulations; understand retirement plan distribution rules; invest for stability, income, and growth potential; utilize financial vehicles that could last a lifetime; protect income and assets from the unexpected; and prepare for a more comfortable and rewarding retirement lifestyle. 

A Certified Financial Planner, Murphy moved to Santa Fe in 2008 and established his American Prosperity Group business. He specializes in providing education in Social Security, Medicare, financial literacy and retirement income planning.

Murphy is adamant that it is never too soon to plan for retirement. Murphy notes that, “Since 40 percent of the average retiree’s income consists of Social Security, Americans need to develop a strategy for making the most of that benefit, while ensuring that they have enough personal funds set aside to live comfortably.

The fee for the class is $50. Register online at For more information, call Lisa Caldwell at 505.662.0346 or email To learn more about programs at UNM-LA visit