WIPP Update: Learn How To Do Business With WIPP

WIPP News:
Eddy-Lea County Area companies interested in learning how to do business with the Department of Energy and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant are invited to join a live webcast from Albuquerque, NM on Thursday, February 18.
Details, including how to participate in the meeting via live streaming over the Internet, are provided below:
Join the Webcast
The meeting is being live streamed over the Internet for stakeholders who cannot attend in person. To log into the webcast, click on the below URL and enter the password.
Live stream information:
Users may submit questions using the Chat screen. Once online, users can either (1) set up an account, or (2) chat without logging in. If they choose the second option, they will be asked to create a nickname or screen name that appears next to their comments.
Either way, their chats will be viewable by a meeting representative during the Q&A session. Any questions not addressed during the meeting will be responded to at a later time.