WIPP: No Evidence Of Second Breached Drum

WIPP News:

Recent news reports have incorrectly suggested that there is a second breached drum in the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) underground facility. There is no evidence to suggest a release from a second drum.

The site conducted initial surveys that showed no evidence of a radiological release from Panel 6, and WIPP personnel have seen no evidence since then that suggests anything different.

Worker safety is the Department’s highest priority and workers entering radiologically controlled areas of the WIPP underground facility are trained and equipped with state of the art protective equipment. Safety measures are being taken to protect all workers during every entry into the underground facility.

We continue to coordinate with Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Accident Investigate Board on the latest findings and take the most conservative approach in every entry into the underground facility.

Live streaming of the Sept. 18, town hall meeting can be seen at here.


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