Windgate Healing Arts Center Welcomes Nikhil Ramburn

Dr. Nikhil Ramburn with a client, recently joined the staff of Windgate Healing Arts Wellness Center. Courtesy photo


Windgate Healing Arts Wellness Center welcomes Nikhil Ramburn, D.O.M., to its family of wellness professionals.

Dr. Ramburn is an acupuncturist and herbalist who specializes in treating pain and neurological conditions using traditional and electro acupuncture, as well as integrative medicine. He received his medical training from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe and obtained advanced education in orthopedic and sports acupuncture.

Dr Ramburn also is completing a doctoral degree from the Pacific College of Health & Science, the highest level of professional training for acupuncturists in the nation.

Apart from musculoskeletal pain, Dr. Ramburn provides pregnancy support and routinely treats fertility and gynecological cases with success, including endometriosis. He takes a gentle, holistic approach to strengthen the whole body and utilizes integrative medicine (also called functional medicine) to treat the individual patient. This customized approach involves nutritional and herbal therapies along with acupuncture and breathing exercises.

His methods are designed to restore balance to the immune system by improving gut health and the integrity of the gut lining. Many patients suffer from digestive complaints and “leaky gut” along with complex chronic conditions. Dr. Ramburn has found that the common source of many ailments comes down to gut dysbiosis. Even when treating psycho-emotional conditions like anxiety, insomnia and depression, he emphasizes restoring gut health.

Dr. Ramburn is one of the few practitioners in New Mexico to utilize Frequency-Specific Electroacupuncture. This is a modern approach to acupuncture that often yields better, more consistent results in fewer sessions when compared to manual techniques. This form of acupuncture uses mild electrical stimulation (frequencies and current in millionths of an amp) to stimulate the underlying neurovascular complex (acupuncture point) in a painless way. In fact, pain is counter-productive to treatment and the stimulation of acupuncture points has a markedly different impact on the brain when compared to pain as measured by brain fMRI.

Electroacupuncture is more effective at deactivating areas of the limbic brain associated with fear and pain and has been proven to be more effective than manual acupuncture in treating pain in systematic literature reviews. In addition, the use of micro-current facilitates long-term shifts in chronic patterns of musculoskeletal tension by replenishing ATP in the tissues. Electroacupuncture also is successfully used in cases of inflammatory bowel disorders (IBS), uterine fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes, and dermatological conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

When not practicing Chinese Medicine, Dr. Ramburn can be found hiking and training his dogs for obedience competitions.

To learn more about the wellness services offered at Windgate Healing Arts,visit or call 505.946.8335. Convenient online booking is available and insurance billing may be provided. The facility and staff adhere to strict COVID-safe practices, and use Hepa air purifiers in every treatment room. Windgate Healing Arts earned a COVID-safe certification by the state of New Mexico. Windgate Healing Arts Wellness Center is at 2101 Trinity Dr., Suite Q (near the school administration building).