Williams: Superintendent Search Update

Los Alamos School Board

So there is quite a bit of buzz in the community about what is going on with the superintendent search. It’s due time the community heard directly from a School Board member (who of course is not officially representing the School Board as an entity).

What’s this about “advisory committees”? – I want to be on one!

First – committees are small intentionally, and have already been selected by the Board. You’ll have your chance to give input, that’s a promise from the School Board.

So what do these advisory committees do?

So the School Board has established six advisory committees to help with our search. The intent was to create multiple small committees that may function more efficiently than one mega-committee. The Boards intent was to cover the diverse span of this community and try to ensure that a spectrum of opinions was represented on these committees. The six committees are comprised of teachers, parents, community leaders, classified staff, District Office staff and site principals – (in hindsight a student committee would have been nice, though the Board is considering options to accommodate you).

The initial primary role of these committees is to help the Board establish the qualifications and requirements for applicants for the position of superintendent. A draft of this document can be found here. All members of these committees were selected by members of the School Board, some committees had two nominations from each Board member (parents, teachers, community leaders) and others only had one selection (classified staff, District Office).

There were some aberrations in the final make up, but  that is essentially the make up of the committees. We will be publishing the members of these committees on your official website soon (http://laschools.net/Page/7410)

The committees will each select their own chairman who will represent the committee findings to the Board at the Nov. 20 meeting and also be a part of the committee to help advise the Board during down selection of the initial pool of applicants. The committees will also be reconvened to interview the final three (or so) candidates next year.

What’s this about a professional search service?

We have hired a professional search service that is well oriented to the needs of our community. Ray and Associates (http://www.rayassoc.com) was hired to do the latest search for the new Albuquerque superintendent and also hired for the search for the Santa Fe superintendent hired several years ago, so they are quite familiar with our area. One of their strong points is their requirement to go into a community and be intensely interactive to really understand the orientation of the community and what we really want and need in our next superintendent. I am personally very excited to be working with this consultant firm for this process.

So what is Ray and Assoc. going to do? and what is their timeline?

Ray and Assoc. is going to be making their first visit to Los Alamos Monday, Nov. 10. They will be meeting with members of the aforementioned committee members. They are also planning to have an open public meeting with the School Board, scheduled for 5 p.m. Please join us for this meeting.

The second phase for Ray and Assoc. is to return to this community and have a much more closer interaction with the advisory committees individually. They will also hold, in conjunction with the Board, several public forums to take input from all aspects of our community. There will also be an online survey that has been honed to ascertain the most important issues of our community. The calendar of these events and more information should be provided to the community within several weeks.