Whiteside: LAMC Never ‘Declines To Participate’

Chief Executive Officer
Los Alamos Medical Center

To date Los Alamos Medical Center has given out over 500 vaccinations and helped train those who will run the local vaccination clinics.

We have worked tirelessly to keep our community healthy and provide outstanding local health care.

Over the last year, during the pandemic, our health care workers at LAMC have taken care of not only COVID-19 patients, but your family, friends, and neighbors with other life threatening illnesses, we have never been able to “decline to participate”.

Our nurses, physicians, respiratory therapist and every other specialty within the hospital have been amazing. They have been scared, they have feared for their families’ safety, they have had to face the unknown day after day and they never once “declined to participate”.

We have vaccinated every healthcare worker in the county that wanted the vaccine. This allows us to stay focused on treating the sick so the health department, county emergency teams, local physician practices can help roll out the next phases of the vaccination process. 

Doses of the vaccine are slow to come to the community – but as it becomes available the county will be prepared to expand their efforts. 

I am proud of what LAMC, health care workers, EMS, and the county has done to face this challenge – none of which have declined to participate.