White Rock Woman Arrested On Fraud, Forgery, ID Theft Charges



Krysti Hernandez, 47, of White Rock is scheduled for a preliminary hearing March 23 in Los Alamos Magistrate Court on three charges of fraud, three charges of forgery and two charges of theft of identity.

Hernandez was arrested by Santa Fe Police Department Feb. 15 on an outstanding arrest requested Aug. 8 by Los Alamos Police Det. Ryan Wolking. Hernandez also has an outstanding warrant issued July 27 in another Los Alamos Magistrate Court case involving two counts of fraud.

In the current case, court documents indicate that Wolking received an email from the victims enclosing copies of “fraudulent credit card checks and cover letters”.

“Krystie indicated that she was consulting or being a hunting guide. We don’t hunt,” the email stated, according to Wolking’s affisavit. The affidavit indicates that three checks were signed on the back in Hernandez’s name and that the signatures on the fronts of the checks did not match those of the victims.

Hernandez is free on personal recognizance pending the preliminary hearing but it required to have electronic monitoring.