White Rock Teen Charged With Theft Of Firearm

Isaiah Aylmer
Los Alamos Daily Post

A preliminary hearing has been set for April 27 for 18-year-old Isaiah Aylmer of White Rock on a charge of stealing a firearm, a fourth degree felony.

Aylmer was arrested March 19 by Los Alamos Police Cpl. Emmanuel Rodriguez and had his first appearance the same day before Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados.

Rodriguez came in contact with Aylmer following a report of a firearm stolen from a White Rock residence. The victim in the case reported that he had gone shooting with Aylmer and when they returned, he had placed the Glock .43 on his bed. He said when Aylmer left the room, the firearm was no longer there.

According to Court documents, at first, Aylmer denied taking the firearm and allowed Rodriguez to search his bedroom in his home but to no avail. He then asked Rodriguez to step outside his home whereupon he admitted to taking the firearm saying he was forced to take it by someone that threatened to kill him if he did not. He said he had been told by someone to take it. He told Rodriguez he dropped the gun somewhere between the victim’s home and his own home.

Rodriguez stated in his report that Aylmer told him that about a month ago he was assaulted in Santa Fe by a man wearing all black and a ski mask who hit him in the head from behind and pointed a gun at him. The report indicates Aylmer told Rodriguez the man questioned him about the victim and other people and told him he had to steal a gun and drop it in an alley near his home.

Rodriguez transported Aylmer to the police department to give a statement. During the interview, the report states Aylmer said he felt he was forced to take the gun because his life was threatened by unknown males. He was taken to the Los Alamos Detention Center and later released on his own recognizance by Judge Casados pending his April 27 court appearance.

LAPD Cmdr. Oliver Morris said Monday afternoon that detectives located the missing firearm March 19 in a White Rock arroyo.