White Rock Presbyterian Church Volunteers Help Build Homes

White Rock Presbyterian Church and House of Fellowship church volunteers work together constructing a home near Gallup. Courtesy/WRPC

Members of White Rock Presbyterian Church and House of Fellowship church. Courtesy/WRPC

WRPC News:

Volunteers from White Rock Presbyterian Church (WRPC) worked with members of the House of Fellowship (HOF) church near Gallup over the Columbus Day weekend to work on houses for two families of the HOF. The House of Fellowship is a Navajo church ministering to the needs of the people in their community.

A young girl shows off a quilt. Courtesy/WRPC

The two churches have a long standing relationship, with groups from each church visiting the other regularly. Jennifer Holmes, of WRPC, says of the relationship that, “the House of Fellowship community has helped WRPC with fundraisers, maintenance, and administering the Julie’s Helpers Scholarship Fund so this trip was an opportunity for us to give back. The enduring relationship between the two groups helps us to grow, understand and appreciate each other’s culture.”

The first HOF family which was helped currently lives in a small home without running water about six miles south of Gallup. Two parents, two adult daughters and a grandchild live in this home. The new home they are building will have running water and a bathroom. Over the past three years, the family has had sufficient funds to complete only the foundation of the new house. WRPC volunteers and HOF members completed the flooring and exterior walls.

Volunteers work on new home. Courtesy/WRPC

The second family includes 16 members, spanning four generations, living in the matriarch’s small home located about 30 minutes northeast of Gallup. The family originally planned to refurbish an old mobile home, but the condition and age of the trailer make it unsafe to inhabit. The home’s distance from Gallup and lack of transportation make it difficult for members of the family to find and keep employment. Two of the adults are employed in low-wage jobs. WRPC and HOF volunteers completed the foundation and set beams for the floors.

In addition to building projects the WRPC volunteers were invited to a Baby Laughing Ceremony and were treated to a Navajo taco meal. The Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild from Santa Fe donated twenty quilts which were distributed to many families to help them keep warm over the winter months. Recipients of the quilts sported big grins at the beautiful designs and handiwork.

The homes are simple structures with two bedrooms and one bathroom and cost approximately $10,000 in materials. Progress on the two homes is dependent on additional funding and volunteers. Individuals and groups interested in volunteering or helping with the purchase of building materials may contact White Rock Presbyterian Church at 505.672.3682 or office@wrpchurch.com.

White Rock Presbyterian Church is a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA). WRPC is at 310 Rover Blvd., in the heart of White Rock. Worship is Sunday mornings at 9:15, and a service is broadcast at 11 a.m., Sundays on KRSN. For information, visit www.wrpchurch.com or facebook.com/wrpchurch.

White Rock Presbyterian Church and House of Fellowship church volunteers work together over the Columbus Day weekend constructing a home near Gallup. Courtesy/WRPC

White Rock Presbyterian Church and House of Fellowship church volunteers build a home near Gallup. Courtesy/WRPC