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pD gN White Rock Master Plan Showcase Features Past, Present And Future Projects

White Rock Master Plan Showcase Features Past, Present And Future Projects

White Rock Master Plan Implementation Committee Chair Denny Erickson welcomes a large crowd to the White Rock Vistor Center public meeting Monday and introduces County Council Chair Kristin Henderson. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

County Council Chair Kristin Henderson briefs community members on projects underway in White Rock. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Past and current members of the White Rock Master Plan Implementation Committee are recognized during Monday’s gathering. From left, David Sherrill, John Bartlit, Denny Erickson, Steve Boerigter and Jim Hall. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Staff Report

Members of the public attended a White Rock Master Plan Showcase Monday evening hosted by Los Alamos County and the White Rock Master Plan Implementation Committee at the White Rock Visitor Center.

Monday’s event focused on past, present and future projects related to the White Rock Master Plan

The White Rock Center Master Plan/Economic Development Strategy is the product of an intensive community-driven process that began in August 2007. The community’s vision for White Rock Center is to create a thriving, active focal point that serves the community with a range of services and amenities. In this vision, an improved N.M. 4, which is the main roadway serving the community, is safe and inviting to cross, and an enhanced Arroyo links old and new development together with surrounding neighborhoods and a new trail.

Residents have a choice of housing options and places to eat, shop, and do business. A cohesive and vibrant street environment frames a diverse mix of uses in a town center that attracts residents, commuters, and visitors. Strong connections exist between White Rock, the Los Alamos Town Site, the Los Alamos National Lab, Bandelier National Monument, and the greater county through business, civic, and social connections, as well as strong transit links.

The master plan outlines a “preferred development scenario” that suggests land use concentrations, major connections, gateway locations, and the focal point for the mixed-use town center. The “Preferred Scenario” diagram included in the plan reflects the community’s desire to capitalize on public and private development opportunities, diversify the local economy, build on tourism-oriented opportunities, and create a attractive, pedestrian friendly environment.

Monday’s event featured projects including:

Parcel A-19-a

Parcel A-19 was transferred from the DOE to the County for economic sustainability purposes in the fall of 2002. The land parcel is on the north side of N.M. 4 in White Rock. County staff began collaborating in March to draft a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) and associated Development Agreement (DA). Staff plans to bring the PSA and DA along with the infrastructure design to County Council for approval this month or in June.

State Road 4 and Rover Project

Los Alamos County is working on the sale of two parcels at the corner of N.M. 4 and Rover Boulevard in White Rock.

White Rock Library at Pinon Park and Youth Activity Project

This project includes a new library at Pinon Park and a remodel of the Youth Activity Center that are scheduled for completion this summer.

White Rock Senior Center and Complex Remodel

The remodel work will include a new administrative area in the current White Rock Branch Library building, create a program area in the current White Rock Senior Center building, and provide minor refurbishing for the White Rock Town Hall and White Rock Activity Center. All buildings will receive a new HVAC system and wall treatments. Windows are expected to be replaced in all four buildings, along with new storefronts and other miscellaneous improvements.

White Rock Master Plan Implementation Committee

After the completion of the White Rock Center Plan, County Council appointed a citizen’s committee to advise the county on steps to implement the approved plan. The Committee meets at 6 p.m. every second Monday at the WR Visitor Center. The public is invited to attend these meetings.

Committee members as of June 2014 include Dennis Erickson (Chair), resident; Tony Fox (Vice Chair), LANL Foundation Representative; Stacey Gartz, resident; Jason Lott, Bandelier Superintendent; Robert Repass, Library Boad Member; Steven Parks, LANL representative; Laurie Hixson, White Rock resident; Glenn Lockhart, White Rock Senior Center representative; Dan Saxton, business owner; Gerard Kendall, resident; Ray Alcouffe, resident; Steve Foltyn, Art in Public Places Board; David Sherrill, Member of the Public and Nancy Partridge, Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce Representative.

On June 27, 2014, the WR Master Plan Implementation Committee requested Los Alamos County Council to review their request for renewal and reauthorization. The Council reviewed and approved the renewal and reauthorization, which extends their service to White Rock until June 30, 2016.

Community members and local officials including County Clerk Sharon Stover, LACDC Executive Director Patrick Sullivan, center, and County Council Vice Chair David Izraelevitzs, second from right, listen to project updates. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Del Norte Credit Union CEO/President Chuck Valenti, left, and his staff Constance Maloney, Chris McGee, Kevin Southwick and Carolyn Agard attended Monday’s event. A new DNCU building will be built this year at the corner of Rover Boulevard and N.M. 4 using the same architectural firm that designed the major remodel of DNCU’s building on Trinity Drive in Los Alamos. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Former County Councilor Michael Wheeler, left, chats with County Manager Harry Burgess. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Dist. 43 Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard discusses revitalization projects with Anthony S. Clark of Attack Research, a security company headquartered in White Rock. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ 

Former Chamber Manager and longtime White Rock Masterplan Implementation Committee member Katy Korkos, center, and Senior Center Director Pauline Schneider discuss progress on the new White Rock library branch during Monday’s event. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

White Rock Master Plan Implementation Committee Vice Chair Tony Fox, left, with Roland Caspersen who owns Caspersen Builders chat about projects underway in White Rock. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Los Alamos County Housing and Special projects Manager Paul Andrus, center, speaks with community members at Monday’s event. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

A crowd looks over plans and renderings for the new Del Norte Credit Union scheduled to be built at the corner of Rover Boulevard and N.M. 4 in White Rock. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

County Councilor Pete Sheehey, center, chats about proposed upgrades to Sherwood Boulevard. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Residents look over this model in the White Rock Visitor Center of proposed plans for White Rock. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Dist. 43 Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard, left, with longtime community leader Kyle Wheeler. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Former Chamber Manager Katy Korkos, center, shares a laugh with current Chamber Manager Nancy Partridge who commended Korkos on her efforts to help make the White Rock Visitor Center and other projects in White Rock a reality. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Posters of proposed projects in White Rock were placed around the White Rock Visitor Center during Monday’s event. Photo by Carol A. Clark/