When Was the Last Time You Had a Great Conversation?


Great Conversations is an afternoon of appetizers and desserts and an in-depth conversation with a subject area expert. The 3rd Annual Great Conversations will take place on April 22nd from 2:00-4:30 p.m. at Los Alamos High School in the new building. Tickets are $50 per person and can be obtained by filling out a registration form available at http://lapsfoundation.com/greatconversations.shtml

Your completed registration form and payment can be mailed to the Foundation office at 1900 Diamond Drive, Ste. 1 Los Alamos, NM, 87544 or you can drop it off at the Los Alamos Public Schools’ Foundation office, located at the Pueblo Complex. Call (505) 470-3734 for more information.

All proceeds from the event benefit the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation and the seven public schools in Los Alamos, to read more about the projects and programs of the Foundation, please visit their website at www.lapsfoundation.com.

Two of the fourteen tables are highlighted below: 

Abad Sandoval: The Splendor of Creating Art

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How does a painter know when to put the brush down? Sandoval, whose work is been inspired by his love of New Mexico’s land, skies, and cultural diversity, has painted the landscapes, seasons, and historic structures of New Mexico all his life.  What does it mean to be from a family of artists and artisans?  A self-taught artist, Sandoval will explain how he chose his medium, watercolors. How does he create of paint what he is feeling and sometimes paint what he cannot see?  Sandoval is a native of northern New Mexico whose New Mexico roots go back many generations. His watercolors reflect his intimate knowledge and connection to the land and cultures of northern New Mexico.

Rob & Kathy Hipwood: Coaching a Generation to Be More Than Average

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What does it mean to always seek improvement?  Can your teen embrace working for something greater than oneself?  Training for a disciplined lifestyle while embracing mental and physical health is something the Hipwoods, New Mexico Track & Cross Country Coaches Association Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees, know something about. Kathy and Rob have, with great success, coached students of all backgrounds, skill levels and the products of every parenting style.  Come discover the secrets to their success.  This pair has been LAHS head cross country coaches for the past 18 years.   To their credit, they have 13 girls cross country state championships, 3 boys cross country state championships and eight nationally ranked teams -2002 girls ranked 2nd in the country; 2007 boys finished as national runner-ups at Nike Cross Nationals. 


The other table experts and topics are:

Table 3 Donnie Torres:  Fore! Golf Now and for the Next Generation

Table 4 Morrie Pongratz: What’s Your Spark?

Table 5 Dr. Tom Csanadi: Where’s Your Medical Home?

Table 6 Cindy Rooney:  Yours & Mine: The State of Our Economy

Table 7 Terry Wallace:  Earthquakes! Will the world end in 2012?

Table 8 Sheryl Bailey Heath/John Gustafson: Theatre in LA – Big and Small (LA, that is)

Table 9 Paul Daly: Boots on the Ground: a Doc’s perspective of Iraq & Kuwait

Table 10 Linda Deck: The Science of Great Museums!

Table 11 Steve Anton: FIRST Things First: What is FIRST Robotics?

Table 12 Rep. Jim Hall: Round the Roundhouse: Where are the Big Wheels?

Table 13 Kate & Allen Thomas: Retirement is a Journey, not a Guided Tour

Table 14 Mark Wilhelm: Green: Transforming Schools, Homes and the World

For information on the fourteen tables:  http://lapsfoundation.com/greatconversations.shtml

Link to the printable registration form:    http://lapsfoundation.com/docs/GC_%20webinvite12.pdf


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