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Los Alamos Makers at 3540 Orange St., is a new community lab and makerspace where members can build, sew, solder, rivet, tinker and teach. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

Have you ever had to put a creative project on the back burner because you don’t have the space, or the tools?

Los Alamos Makers is a new community lab and makerspace where members can build, sew, solder, rivet, tinker and teach. The space and the equipment is available to use at an affordable rate. It’s like having your own workshop.

Monday May 23, they will open their doors 2-6 p.m. for an informal open house. Everyone is invited to see the space, provide feedback and sign up for memberships. Then June 13, they will host a ribbon-cutting event in the afternoon with the Chamber of Commerce.

Members will have tools for soldering, electronics, mechanical tools, molecular biology equipment and even sewing machines.

Passes are available by the day, by the month, and for six months. There are special packages for visitors to Los Alamos, families, and students and teachers.

They offer a growing list of hands-on workshops for people who want to expand their skills and exchange tips. Upcoming workshops include a sewing and crafting workshop. There are DIY bio workshops led by Prisca Tiassé, the owner of Los Alamos Makers and Biodidact, which is located in the same space. There also will be workshops that cover designing, engineering and building skills.

Anyone interested in leading a workshop or teaching a specific skill can have access to the space for free all day. If you have an idea for a workshop, contact them at Hello@losalamosmakers.org.

They will also provide science-themed birthday parties that will include at least two fun and age-appropriate science activities, plus access to the outdoor space.

To find out more about Los Alamos Makers, visit www.losalamosmakers.org. Reach them directly at Hello@losalamosmakers.org or 505.412.4310. Los Alamos Makers is at 3540 Orange Street – Suite LV1.