West Road Closed Today for Debris Cleanup


The Los Alamos County Public Works Department reports that Wednesday’s rain storm resulted in about a foot of water flowing through Los Alamos Canyon and the Ice Rink parking lot.

County crews had completed barrier work around the rink in June to provide protective measures to the Rink, and the barriers held up well – no water entered the Ice Rink and there is no damage to that structure.

Pavement Division Manager Tom Roach has indicated that DOE has reported they will close West Road today to allow their crews to enter and clean up road debris.

County crews checked Camp May this morning and did repair work to a few ditches where run off had caused some damage, but Camp May is fine and open to the public today.

County sweepers will be working in that general area today cleaning dirt and debris from the roads.

There are no official rain flow estimates in the canyon because there are no flow meters there – but about a half-an-inch was measured in the townsite Wednesday afternoon so it’s estimated that rainfall was probably higher up in the watershed, as is typical with mountain monsoons.


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