Walker: The Entire Republican Party Is Unfit For Office

White Rock

Until the Republican Party can shed the abomination that is Donald Trump, nobody within their ranks is fit to hold any elected office. They are assaulting our republic at every turn, and it is disgusting and unacceptable.

The party as a whole attempts to minimize January 6th and not call it exactly what it was: an insurrection. An attack on our federal government. The GOP gets all riled up about riots and antifa, but they don’t care that a group of THEIR OWN attempted to stop the certification of the election. 100% unacceptable.

The party as a whole continues to push election fraud LIES. They continue to nominate people that say the 2020 election was “stolen”, when there is zero evidence of widespread voter fraud. (Just to get ahead of anyone in the comments wanting to recommend “2000 Mules”, it’s a gigantic fraud of a “documentary” that is built upon lies. It’s just propaganda.)

The party wants to instill a theocracy based on their own version of Christianity. How is this “religious freedom”? This is another direct assault on our republic and shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone.

The insane double standard of the Trump FBI raid vs Hillary Clinton. “Lock her up” turned in to “this is illegal” when the shoe was on the other foot. It’s not “weaponizing the Department of Justice” just because it doesn’t favor you. HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE. Have some simple INTEGRITY.

I want to counter to the “you can’t lump everyone in the party together” and “you should listen to the issues” arguments. Right now, the only issue that matters is the inherent threat to our entire country the Republican Party poses. They wanted (and still want) to overturn a LEGITIMATE election. They ASSAULTED our national capital.

I’ll listen to a Republican candidate IF they’ll publicly disavow Trump, call Jan 6th what it was (an insurrection), and say Trump should be investigated if there is evidence he committed crimes. I think pigs will fly before that happens though. Until then, I’ll vote for any Democrat candidate over ANY Republican and I’ll urge everyone to do the same. I’m sorry 3rd party candidates, our 2 party system sucks but I don’t think anyone should risk the vote.

Your double standards are showing…

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