Wadt: On Supporting The School Bond

Los Alamos
The ballots for the 2017 school bond were mailed out Jan. 3. There are many good reasons to vote yes. I want to focus on two of them.
For nearly 20 years, I have been involved in the school bond process as a community member. During that time what has impressed me the most is how seriously school leaders have taken their obligation to taxpayers and to students on getting the most out of every school bond dollar. The decisions to integrate new construction and renovation have maximized attractive classroom space for the available funding. Seeing the seamless integration of the new construction and renovated space is just stunning.
The schools are a role model for effective engagement of the community in the wise expenditure of precious taxpayer dollars.
A yes vote will NOT raise tax rates, but will continue to provide the maximum amount of resources to our schools allowed under State law. Per Federal statute, the schools receive $8 million per year from the Department of Energy through Los Alamos National Laboratory. This is a unique arrangement.
With the upcoming competition to manage the Laboratory and the change in Presidential Administration, it is imperative that we clearly demonstrate our commitment to education. If we don’t, leaders in Washington, D.C., will likely be moved to ask why they should continue providing a special allocation for Los Alamos, given persistent pressures to cut the Federal budget.
Please join me and vote YES to build better schools for brighter futures!

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