Voices Of Los Alamos: Talk On Human Impact On Climate

Steve Tobin

VOLA News:

Voices of Los Alamos (VOLA) is hosting a virtual talk 6:30-7:30 p.m. Monday, March 1.

Steve Tobin will discuss “Climate Change – Gliding Over the Basics to Enable a Focus on Important Subtleties.”

The community is invited to attend this talk and the Zoom link will be available Sunday.

Tobin has spent his professional career working on a range of nuclear related fields from fusion energy, fission safeguards and radiation damage. In this talk/discussion, he will address a lifelong passion of researching human impact on our world’s climate.

Many talks have been given on climate change, this talk will glide over the well traveled points so as to leave time to dwell on topics such as:

  •  The unique situation of different countries given their populations and land areas relative to cost effective climate change adaptation;
  • What are some of the assumptions built into estimates of a 2 degree celsius increase in the global average temperature; and
  •  The oceans are “saving us now” but that will change.