Venable: Thank You Roger Waterman And TRK

Oppenheimer Place Condominiums at 1001 Oppenheimer Dr. Post file photo

Roger Waterman Feb. 12, 1947 – March 5, 2022

Los Alamos

Residents of Oppenheimer Place Condos have many reasons to be grateful for the life of the late Roger Waterman.

In June 2016 they celebrated their 20th anniversary in the handsome building. Roger gave a summary of his experiences as manager of design, serving funding and having contractors and supervising many issues of such a large project.

He was cheerful and smiling, as usual. Those of us on the committee to study senior housing in early 1990s know just some of the many horrendous challenges he faced during the construction of Oppenheimer Place. And we are grateful the whole Waterman family succeeded to present Los Alamos this beautiful building.

Thank you, TRK.

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