UWNNM Unveils New Fundraising Measurement

From left, UWNNM Executive Director Kristy Ortega, UWNNM Board President Steve Boerigter, UWNNM Board Member Jill Cook, UWNNM Campaign Chair and LAPS Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus and UWNNM Board Member Valerie Martinez. Courtesy/UWNNM


United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM) unveiled a new way of measuring its Community Action Fundraising campaign this year. The Community Action Fundraising thermometer in front of the Los Alamos Post Office will measure people assisted rather than money raised.

In yearly reports from nonprofit partners the average cost to help one person for a year’s worth of service is roughly $50.

“It was incredible to find out that such a small amount per year can go such a long way to help someone,” UWNNM Executive Director Kristy Ortega said. “This really speaks to how our nonprofits can effectively and efficiently use resources.”  

In 2017, UWNNM has a goal of helping 12,200 people have access to nonprofit services in the area of education, health and financial stability. This year, UWNNM announced its concentration on behavioral health services as this area has many gaps in resources needed to help residents in Northern New Mexico.  

For a full listing of programs funded by UWNNM in 2016, visit https://unitedwaynnm. org/community-partners/.

To donate to United Way’s Community Action Fund, visit https://unitedwaynnm. org/donate/ or call 505.662.0800.