UNM-LA Offers An Affordable Quality Education

UNM-LA Student Enrollment Director
Over the next few weeks, thousands of New Mexico high school graduates will be preparing for their freshman semester at colleges all across the state and country.
They will be looking for the best deals on books and comparing the prices of laptops and backpacks. Certainly their families will be talking about the sticker price of the college. However, the discussion about affordability should extend beyond the cost of tuition, fees, books and other expenses. The conversation should also focus on what is provided for the cost, and how well that suits a student’s needs.
Locally, the Los Alamos campus of The University of New Mexico provides the opportunity for families to find value, outstanding quality and excellent student support. Compared to the two larger Universities in New Mexico, the savings at UNM-LA can be viewed as a 45% off sale, while students are getting a very high quality product and more individual attention.
Additional money can be saved in rent, food and transportation for students who choose to live at home for a year or two.
At all institutions, students and parents should consider both monetary costs and non-monetary costs. Critical questions might include, “Where is a student more likely to be successful?” or “Where will they find advocates who encourage them to persist?” Also, “Are there resources to help when students change majors or are interested in making decisions about long term careers?” Both students and parents want to know that their investment of money and time for college is solid and that opportunities like scholarships are retained.
Drawing from the talent in the region, UNM Los Alamos has outstanding, caring faculty with both Ph.D.’s and work experience in their field. The quality of instruction is exceptional when compared to comparable institutions.
Additionally, the small class size allows for the personal attention that is often critical for student learning and success. The student support in advising and career exploration is vibrant and personal. UNM Los Alamos is committed to providing a quality educational experience for students. Students and their families can feel comfortable knowing that they have made a good investment.
For more information about UNM Los Alamos, visit the website at losalamos.unm.edu or schedule a visit by calling 505.661.5919.

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