UNM-LA/JJAB Parenting Series Will Discuss Developmental Milestones


UNM-LA News:

The UNM-LA/JJAB parenting series Raising a Child in a Challenging World, enters its fourth week this Thursday, Oct. 9 with the discussion of Developmental Milestones and Expectations.

This class will explore topics related to physical, behavioral, emotional milestones, the importance of balancing structured and free time, and knowing what is appropriate for different ages and stage in a child’s development. There will be time after the presentation for questions and answers.

The classes meet 6-7:15 p.m., Thursdays in room 610 on the UNM-LA campus. The cost is $5 per class for up to two caregivers, or $25 for the entire six-class series. Financial assistance is available.

Parents are reminded that although the series is on its fourth session, the series will repeat once more this semester, so there is an opportunity to attend any session they missed and they may begin the series at any time.

The Ark will provide free childcare services to parents and caregivers who want to attend the parenting series. Childcare will be provided for a limited number of students, ages 3–10, including 15 minutes before and after each session. Parents should register their students with the Ark by noon, Thursday each week. The Ark can be reached at 505.662.4822. Donations will be accepted.

For detailed class information, schedule, and to register, call UNM-LA Community Education at 505.662.0346 or click here.