UNM-LA Holds Movie Class At Reel Deal

O’Donnell shows the class a movie on 35 mm film, which was the industry standard until around 2010. Courtesy photo
On Wednesday evening, Feb. 1, Jim O’Donnell, owner of the Reel Deal Theater, treated UNM-LA’s Intro to Film Studies class (MA210) to a tour of the projection room, then a viewing of the film “La La Land.”  
One of the topics for discussion was the transition from film projectors to digital projectors. The students in this semester-long course at UNM-LA have already studied the history of musicals in film. 
Follow up projects will address how specific techniques employed in the film impact the overall experience for the viewer. “La La Land” has been honored with 214 award nominations, and has received 144 awards so far. The film also has 14 nominations for the Oscar Awards, which will be announced on Feb 26.
Hardy and the students gave the experience behind the scenes at Reel Deal Theater “two thumbs up!”
Students in the projection room listen to O’Donnell explain how both the traditional film and the digital projectors work. Courtesy photo
Reel Deal Theater owner Jim O’Donnell shows the class a projector bulb. Courtey photo
Courtey photo
Students examine tone of the digital projectors. Courtesy photo