UNM-LA … An Essential Component Of Local Education

UNM-LA Advisory Board Member
Chief Operating Officer KRSN AM 1490 & FM 107.1

I am writing to express my full support of the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos Special Election.

There has been spirited debate in the community about the benefits of supporting UNM-LA, but I feel strongly that UNM-LA is an essential component of local education.

With its Dual Credit program, students from Los Alamos High School can take college-level courses in a variety of subjects to help them prepare either for employment in science, technology or computing fields, or for a great educational experience. As of the last academic year, there were nearly 300 local high school students involved in the Dual Credit program.

UNM-LA provides a state-of-the-art classroom to train future EMS personnel to keep our community safe in the event of accidents or emergencies.

And, of course, UNM-LA provides classes in a wide variety of subjects, such as English, Fine Art, Robotics and Behavioral Sciences. With its classes, UNM-LA has helped thousands of students achieve their career goals and contribute to the local community and the local economy. A well-educated community, extending from Los Alamos to the Pueblos to the Espanola valley, means prosperity for people and for the economy.

As a small business owner in Los Alamos, I have hired several UNM-LA students and have found them to be tremendous assets to our goals as a company, and many other small business owners I know have said the same thing. UNM-LA students have the skills for us to grow and thrive in a competitive market.

One of the big benefits for UNM-LA students is the attention they receive in their classes. Classes at our local branch are small. That means that students aren’t lost in the shuffle of a cavernous lecture hall, but instead can approach our instructors, many of whom are locals themselves, for the questions they may have about their lessons.

UNM-LA is important to me and my family. I have taken classes at UNM-LA to help me run my business, while my children have also taken courses and have found them to be both challenging and rewarding.

UNM-LA is a major cog in the wheel that keeps Los Alamos and the surrounding community moving forward, and I strongly urge voters to support this valuable asset in this month’s Special Election.