Union Protectiva De Santa Fe Requests Public Update From DA, Mayor On Status Of Charges In Desecration Of Obelisk


SANTA FE— This morning, Union Protectiva de Santa Fe, one of the oldest Spanish Fraternal Organizations in the United States, and the northern New Mexico Spanish community are calling on First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies and Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber to give a public update on the status of the Obelisk desecration case.

As these politicians have spoken volumes with their silence, rumors abound in the legal community that District Attorney Carmack-Altweis is about to dismiss charges against the defendants in the Obelisk desecration case. Since rumors and innuendo are not helpful to anyone, Union Protectiva is seeking a public update for the residents of New Mexico. 

“We are simply asking for transparency from District Attorney Carmack-Altweis and Mayor Webber for the taxpayers who pay their large salaries,” said Virgil Vigil, President of Union Protectiva de Santa Fe. “While Mayor Webber horrifically failed the residents of New Mexico and harmed all people of Spanish heritage, we can only hope that District Attorney Carmack-Altweis does not follow in his shameful footsteps. We remain available to speak with the District Attorney and we look forward to her transparent update.”

Union Protectiva de Santa Fe is one of the oldest Spanish Fraternal Organizations in the United States which was established (1915) to help preserve the language and culture of Santa Fe, New Mexico for future generations and descendants of the original Spanish Colonists. The group’s first mission was to aid both monetarily and spiritually in proper Christian burials for families in need as it continues to do so today.

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