Udall Issues Statement on DOE and EPA Nominations

DOE Secretary Nominee Dr. Ernest Moniz
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Tom Udall,D-N.M., issued the following statement after President Obama nominated Dr. Ernest Moniz and Gina McCarthy to lead Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), respectively:
“I look forward to meeting with the two candidates President Obama has put forth to lead the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. These critical agencies ensure that America benefits from our diverse energy resources in a manner that is economically beneficial and environmentally responsible. The Senate should conduct a thorough and efficient confirmation process for each without obstruction or needless delay.
Nominee for EPA Chief Gina McCarthy
“Dr. Ernest Moniz has analyzed a broad array of energy technologies and policies, including renewable energy, fossil fuels and nuclear power in the context of energy security and global climate change. I am interested in learning more about his history with New Mexico and our national labs through his earlier roles at DOE, and his outlook for the future. Innovation, science and technology should remain at the heart of the department’s mission with greater emphasis on tech-transfer, and it is imperative that the next secretary focus on resolving the ongoing difficulties at the National Nuclear Security Administration in order to restore confidence to our stockpile stewardship and national security missions.
“Gina McCarthy has served under both Gov. Mitt Romney and President Obama, so she is very familiar with the challenges of environmental policy-making. On the Environment and Public Works Committee, I have already worked with Assistant Administrator McCarthy on important issues like the recent Clean Air Act agreement between EPA and New Mexico on the future of the San Juan power plant. During the confirmation process, I look forward to learning her perspective on other key issues such as water quality and the proper regulation of toxic chemicals.”

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