UbiQD Ribbon Cutting 3 p.m. July 29


UbiQD has opened a new lab and office facilities in Los Alamos. UbiQD’s team invites the community to celebrate this milestone in the company’s history with a ribbon cutting ceremony, 3-5 p.m. Friday July 29, at 134 Eastgate Dr.

At its Los Alamos research and manufacturing facility, UbiQD is optimizing and improving its scalable, low-cost methods of making I-III-VI quantum dots, typically based on CuInS2. The company also engages in R&D around emerging applications for its technology, and plans to license these technologies to customers.

UbiQD produces very bright quantum dots with some of the lowest manufacturing costs using environmentally friendly synthesis that is free of toxic heavy metals or other carcinogenic materials. Its dots also have stable optical properties that perform well under harsh environments such as high temperatures and moisture exposure.

UbiQD’s goal is to be the global leader in low-toxic quantum dot manufacturing and applications. UbiQD thinks these revolutionary new materials can improve lives via applications in energy, security, safety, design and more.