UbiQD In Los Alamos Among Recipients Of JTIP Funds

Syzygy Tile grew out of the founder’s garage and now occupies a 10,000-square-foot building in historic downtown Silver City, New Mexico. The company continues to grow and has plans to expand in the next 12-18 months to a new building in town. Photo courtesy of Syzygy Tile. Courtesy/EDD

New Mexico Economic Development Department News:

SANTA FE – UbiQD in Los Alamos is among the recipients of Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) funds for February awarded to 11 New Mexico companies in support of 61 new employees, 3 paid interns, and training for 38 incumbent workers.

The total amount of funding for February 2022 is $972,037.41.

“Companies are utilizing JTIP as a way to keep expanding their employee base, even if they only need a few positions,” said Economic Development Department Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes. “It’s heartening to know that JTIP helps businesses of all sizes in all parts of the state, assisting them so they can hire New Mexicans as they expand and create jobs.”

The strength of JTIP is that it can be used by companies of different sizes across New Mexico, with rural/frontier businesses receiving a higher percentage of costs refunded, which infuses dollars into the economy where it is needed most.

JTIP also offers a higher percentage award for companies offering high-wage jobs, encouraging growth in the sectors that will best offer the jobs of the future. The program also allows for companies to grow their number of employees incrementally, applying multiple times to continue growth at their own pace.

Companies receiving JTIP this month include:

UbiQD, Inc., Los Alamos, 5 trainees. UbiQD is an advanced materials company that manufactures high-performance cadmium-free quantum dots and composite materials. Quantum dots are known for their near-perfect ability to convert one color of light into another. Their first commercial product, UbiGro®, is a luminescent layer of light that uses fluorescence to create a more optimal greenhouse spectrum for crops. The film shifts the colors of sunlight to make plants grow faster and improve crop yield. Avg. Trainee Wage: $40.39. Total Award Amount: $116,776.

3D Glass Solutions, Inc. (3DGS), Albuquerque, 2 trainees. 3DGS is an electronic company working with engineered glass to design and manufacture passive components for next generation wireless and optical communications. The components enable 5G performance for all types of devices with consumer, automotive, aerospace, and military applications. Avg. Trainee Wage: $31.86. Total Award Amount: $30,580.

Bryan’s Green Care LLC, Hobbs, 6 trainees. Bryan’s Green Care is a veteran-, minority-, woman-owned company that “stands for the Earth” and provides medicine and teaching to the people on it. Bryan’s manufactures CBD products derived from hemp, including oils, pain salves, skin products, and edibles. Avg. Trainee Wage: $16.00. Total Award Amount: $40,936.

KiloNewton LLC, Albuquerque, 6 trainees and 3 interns. KiloNewton is a unique service-based business providing technical and engineering analysis and software design for the renewable energy sector. The company provides a mixture of consulting and software R&D primarily focused on the optimization of large-scale solar, wind, and renewable technology. Avg. Trainee Wage: $30.08. Avg. Intern Wage: $18.50. Total Award Amount: $111,890.

LaSen, Inc., Las Cruces, 3 trainees. LaSen develops biological detection systems for the Department of Defense. The company developed and commercialized the Airborne LIDAR Pipeline Inspection System along with the software required to operate the system. LaSen has flown over 350,000 miles of pipeline and detected more than 35,000 leak indications, saving their clients millions of dollars and billions of cubic feet of methane from escaping into the atmosphere. Avg. Trainee Wage: $25.83. Total Award Amount: $41,300.

Paradise Power Company, Inc. (PPC Solar), Taos, 38 employees. PPC Solar specializes in the development, design, and installation of commercial, utility, and residential photovoltaic systems. The company has been serving both on-grid and off-grid communities in New Mexico and Southern Colorado since 1979. PPC Solar has been awarded Step-Up funding, a program within JTIP, which partially funds upskill training for current employees. Total Award Amount: $13,962.

Ryan LLC, Albuquerque, 2 trainees. Ryan LLC is an award-winning global tax services firm with the largest indirect and property tax practices in North America and the seventh largest corporate tax practice in the United States. The company serves over 9,000 clients in more than 40 countries. Ryan LLC has developed expert teams which thoroughly understand the unique tax codes by industry and jurisdiction. Avg. Trainee Wage: $29.33. Total Award Amount: $31,503.

Syzygy Tile, Silver City, 3 trainees. Currently being sold at 140 locations across the U.S. and in Canada and Mexico, Syzygy Tile originally grew out of the founder’s garage, later expanding into a 3,000-square-foot portion of the old electrical generating station in historic downtown Silver City. The company makes handmade tile that is distributed by a network of authorized vendors. Syzygy’s manufacturing process leans nearly exclusively on the handwork of individual employees. Avg. Trainee Wage: $12.75. Total Award Amount: $14,770.

TORC Robots, Inc. (TORC), Albuquerque , 21 trainees. TORC is an independent subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG, the global leader and pioneer in trucking. The company has 16 years of experience in safety-critical, self-driving applications. TORC offers a complete self-driving vehicle software and integration solution and is currently focusing on commercializing self-driving trucks. Avg. Trainee Wage: $38.98. Total Award Amount: $433,928.

The Verdes Foundation, Albuquerque, 10 trainees. The Verdes Foundation is a nonprofit organization and one of the longest operating production facility and dispensaries in New Mexico. The company has two adjacent production facilities in Albuquerque along with dispensary locations in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho that are operated by registered nurses. The Verdes Foundation produces a large variety of value-added products including edibles, tinctures, and salves. Avg. Trainee Wage: $24.80. Total Award Amount: $105,324.

X2nSAT, Inc., Las Cruces , 3 trainees. X2nSAT is a full-service satellite network operator at the forefront of satellite communications technology. The company has been leading the way in satellite-based machine-to-machine communications for the past 20 years. They offer a variety of broadband and data transmission services, including internet access, email, and cloudbased data storage. Avg. Trainee Wage: $23.24. Total Award Amount: $31,066, amended from a prior application.


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