Tuesdays At The Pond Entertainment Series Continues With Savage Wizdom And Future Scars 7 p.m. Today!



This week Savage Wizdom and Future Scars are headlining Tuesdays at the Pond at 7 p.m. today.

For those that love metal, Savage Wizdom delivers!  Inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Manowar, Savage Wizdom brings their unique and heavy sound to the masses.  Founded in 2004, surviving many lineup changes they have become a pillar of the metal scene in Santa Fe, NM. 

First releasing No Time For Mercy in 2007 and their latest highly reviewed epic, A New Beginning in 2014, they have grown into a powerhouse of a band.  Now they are the strongest they have ever been with soaring vocals, big guitar riffs and solos, bombastic drums and a riveting stage presence; they are a band you don’t want to miss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfD6gHXVUAk

Founded in 2015 by members of Santa Fe’s As In We, Future Scars boasts a lineup of dedicated musicians seasoned with nearly a decade of cooperative experience. Emotionally rooted in the contemplative, melodic atmosphere of post-rock, Future Scars expands beyond a singular genre’s expectations, often times overflowing into the domain of sheer intensity and fervor. The group couples these drastically varied, yet complementary components with the recurrent flurries of heart-wrenching vocals, creating an aura of earnest exhilaration and beauty. Laced with technicality and the prowess of control, Future Scars construct a sound balanced in adversity, soothing and cathartic yet all the while anxious with anticipation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZHPWjYuwRY

Tuesdays at the Pond, a summer entertainment series, runs through August 9. It brings a variety of entertainment acts to the Ashley Pond stage in downtown Los Alamos every Tuesday evening.

The Los Alamos Creative District directs a variety of programs that bring people to downtown Los Alamos. On Tap is a series of discussions and libations located downtown every first and third Thursday of the month. First Thursdays feature rotating themes of history, nature and art hosted by the Los Ala­mos Historical Society, Pajarito Environmental Education Center, or Fuller Lodge Art Center respectively. Science On Tap by the Bradbury Science Museum is every third Thursday of the month.

 The mission of the Creative District is to advance the community’s unique creative identity and generate increased economic prosperity by curating and providing local cultural programming that connects a broad range of stakeholders. Learn more about LACD at www.creativelosalamos.org.

The Los Alamos Creative District is a program of Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation; a private, not-for-profit economic and community development organization serving the Los Alamos area since 1983. LACDC serves as the umbrella organization for the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, Los Alamos MainStreet, the Los Alamos Meeting & Visitors Bureau, Los Alamos Small Business Center, Los Alamos Research Park and project Y cowork Los Alamos.