Triatomics Splash n’ Dash Starts Wednesday June 24

Splash n’ Dash begins Wednesday, June 24. This year there is a long course (400M swim and 5K run), and a short course (200M swim and 3K run). Teams and floatation devices are permitted in both. 
Registration for each event opens at 6:20 p.m. at the back of the Aquatic Center. Instructions at 6:50 p.m. and the first swimmer pushes off at 7 p.m. 
The event is sponsored by the Los Alamos Triatomics Club and Los Alamos County Parks and Recreation. It is free to all and open to all, however, registration is limited to 75 people. 
Splash n’ Dash FAQ:
Is this a race? No. It’s a training event. We will provide your swim, run, and overall time but the start is staggered. There are no awards for time or place. Lots of folks participate with their kids in a variety of creative ways.
How much does it cost? Nothing. This is a free event sponsored by the Triatomics Multisports Club and Los Alamos County Parks and Recreation. 
What are the swim and run distances? The long course swim is 400M and the run is 5K. The short course swim is 200M and the run is 3K.
I’m not a very strong swimmer. Will I be able to do the swim portion? Yes. We have three swim groups, A, B & C. Participants choose their own group and are assigned a number. At 7 p.m. swimmer A1 starts. A2 starts 20 seconds later and so on. The first swimmer of the B group will follow the last A swimmer and the first C swimmer will start 20 seconds after the last B swimmer. Any stroke is permitted and unlike the LA Triathlon any sort of floating device is allowed.
Which swim group should I choose? You can choose any group you want to but if you choose the group appropriate for your speed it will minimize the need to pass or be passed by other swimmers. Our guidelines are if you expect to complete the swim in >7:40 choose the A group, 7:41 to 9:00 B group, > 9:00 choose the C group.
Where is the transition area? We use the grassy area near the back door of the pool.
What if the weather look threatening? We will have the Splash n’ Dash. Over the years we’ve had a number of close calls with mother nature but she always lets us continue.
What are the dates of this year’s Splash n Dashes? Dates for 2015 are June 24, July 8, July 22 and Aug. 5.
Will there be swag again this year? Yes. At Splash n’ Dash #4 we will have swag for anyone who has participated in three or more of this year’s Splash n’ Dashes.
Who are the Triatomics? Triatomics is a club of local/regional multisports enthusiasts. We are a group of kindred spirits who organize training activities, races, classes, and parties. Our membership includes a wide range of athletic abilities. Our website is
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