Train It New Mexico Offers Vegetation Management

TINM News:
Train It New Mexico would like to extend an opportunity to attend a two-day training on vegetation management June 12-13 at the Days Inn, 2900 Cerrillos in Santa Fe. 
In the training, several modules will provide an understanding of the importance of working with mechanical operations to obtain the best results when using herbicide to enhance parks, airports, public spaces, and many other areas. 
We go over the identification of weeds, including identification of weeds from infancy through maturity. This results in a thorough understanding of what it takes to control plants. Learn the facts about herbicides and how they relate to other chemicals in our society. 
The next module discusses labeling on pesticides, including how to read labels along with the properties that make it work. Gain an understanding of when to use which products and when not to use them. Great results can be obtained in controlling weeds with a proactive planning approach.
In this hands-on course, participants will learn how to properly calibrate application rates for a backpack sprayer, hand-held wand, and seven-nozzle ATV sprayer. This includes a complete understanding of spray patterns and knowing when to apply a two-percent versus three-percent kill rate to stop weeds from building resistance to certain chemicals.
Class participants will learn the rules and regulations for applying, storing, transporting, and handling pesticides. Learn a proven method for carrying chemicals on equipment and how to properly mark areas containing chemicals. This includes what to expect and how to handle an inspection from NMDA auditors. 
Participants will learn proper techniques for filling out and keeping accurate and complete spray records. 
Throughout the two-day course, a strong emphasis is placed on personal protective equipment with regard to all aspects of handling and applying herbicides. 
Safe application techniques are reinforced from start to finish of the course
Following the course, participants will be prepared to take licensing exams for all NMDA licensures. Step by step examples of how to register for this testing with Metro Institute are provided. Study guides and review questions are available as well as determining location of testing centers.
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