Traffic Alert Update: NM 4 To Remain Closed Westbound From West Jemez Road At LANL Back Gate

Traffic Alert Update:

Due to an extremely high volume of downed trees that continue to fall and pose a severe public safety risk as a result of today’s high winds event, LAPD will continue to keep N.M. 4 CLOSED westbound from West Jemez Road (at the LANL “back gate”) until further notice.

Access eastbound on N.M. 4 at West Jemez Road at the back gate remains open to Bandelier and White Rock.

LAPD successfully extracted several motorists on N.M. 4 earlier today when multiple tree-fall events occurred, clearing a path to trapped cars that were traveling on the highway. Sandoval County officials have already closed N.M. at Hwy 126 (the turn off to Fenton Lake).

This section of N.M. 4 from the intersection at West Jemez Road is too dangerous for travel until the high wind event passes through Los Alamos overnight. Gusts up to 75 mph were observed along this stretch of highway this afternoon, bringing down additional trees and blocking the road, making it impossible and treacherous for personnel and heavy duty road equipment to continue working to keep the road cleared.

High winds with gusts of at least 55 mph are expected this afternoon into the early morning hours. Time will then be needed to re-enter the road and re-start tree-clearing activities tomorrow. The County will provide further updates as they become available.