Tourniquets For Law Enforcement Passes House

Rep. Patricio Ruiloba (D-Albuquerque). Courtesy photo


SANTA FE  Feb. 28, the New Mexico House of Representatives passed House Bill 9, a bill that provides law enforcement with the appropriate tools and training to apply tourniquets – a proven life saving measure.
Sponsored by Representative Patricio Ruiloba (D-Albuquerque), HB 9 gives first responders arriving to an emergency the knowledge necessary to properly use a tourniquet to prevent excessive blood loss, saving lives and reducing the damage that can be done by the improper use of tourniquets.
“As a law enforcement officer, I know that every second counts during an emergency involving a critical injury when life is at risk,” stated Representative Ruiloba. “It is important that our law enforcement officers have the knowledge and training necessary to properly use tourniquets and trauma kits to protect and preserve life and our communities.”
House Bill 9 adds a new section to the Law Enforcement Training Act that would include the training and materials needed for police officers to prevent excessive bleeding and respond to trauma. HB 9 unanimously passed the House floor in a 62-0 vote and will move to the Senate.