TOTH: Why Does A Good God Allow Evil?

Mother Alicia Pope. Courtesy/TOTH

Why Does A Good God Allow Evil?
By Lisa Rothrock And Mother Alicia Pope

Ever wonder about why God would allow evil into the world? Do you struggle with trusting God in the midst of your suffering?

Certainly, this issue gives the media great fodder with which to stir us up and attack our fears! The media show us constant clips of shootings, murders, terrorism, abuse, poverty, natural disasters, and horrible diseases, just to name a few. Why does God allow all this evil, and what is His plan in the midst of it?

This Sunday evening at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, Mother Alicia will be addressing how evil came into the world, why God allows it, and what God’s plan is to bring restoration to a suffering world. EVERYONE is welcome to come help rock the house of God. We’ll have yummy food, great music and an amazing homily based on John 1:1-9.

Join us at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church for a FREE community dinner and contemporary worship service! Dinner will begin at 5:15 p.m., followed at 6:07 p.m. with the service and a live praise-and-worship band—come see what we’re all about!

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