Toppers Triumph While Tigers Tumble

Jacob Rutten drills one into right field in the bottom of the 3rd. Photo by Niccolo Snyder/
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Los Alamos Daily Post

The Los Alamos Hill Toppers Boys Baseball team played in their second home game of the season Monday against the Los Lunas Tigers. The game was filled with plenty of buzz and excitement. The Toppers learned from their last game and took advantage of the experience they gained.

The lineup was changed significantly to the Toppers game last week.The starting pitcher was Antonio Gonzales and his partner in crime, Luke Kirkland, was stationed behind the plate. The batting order was changed as well starting with James Neal as lead off, Arthur Steinkamp up next, then Gonzales, with Jacob Rutten batting cleanup. The rest of the lineup went in order of Aaron Waller, Nick Querteiri, Cottrell Fox, Luis Bojorques, and Hunter Swavely finishing it off. The Toppers looked like a new team as far as hitting was concerned.

The game began with both teams cleaning up with an easy three outs in the first inning. The Toppers continued their good defensive form into the second inning, Los Lunas on the other hand could not keep up. The Toppers bats were explosive in the second inning compared to their previous performance. It all started with a triple by Waller, which led to the entire lineup putting on a hitting show. The Toppers scored a whopping six points in the second inning, which created a very comfortable lead heading into the rest of the game.

The Toppers did not make many errors in the game and Gonzales pitched beautifully through the fourth inning with Rico Zerr taking over on the mound for the fifth. By the end of the sixth, the Toppers scored one more run and only conceded two, which made it 7-2. With only three outs between them and the win, the Toppers had a good chance at ending the game. Fighting hard, they ended up beating the Tigers 7-4.

Overall it was the Toppers ability to stay calm in the box and be patient with the pitchers, while also taking advantage of Los Lunas’s errors. This led them to their comfortable victory. Rutten who went 2-3 and had a walk said, “We played very well and took advantage of the runs they gave us.”

Let’s hope the Toppers can emulate their performance in their next game March 14 against Santa Fe High School.