Toppers Fall To Valencia Jaguars

The Los Alamos Hilltoppers parade onto Sullivan Field for a Thursday night game with the Valencia High School Jaguars. The Jaguars are noted for having a very strong passing game and a tough defense. They wasted no time in proving their record by crushing the Toppers 48-7. The Toppers made good yardage through the night, but stalled in the red zone. Photo by John McHale/

Cade Yost brings down pass receiver Robbie Jaramillo deep in Topper territory. Photo by John McHale/

Antonio Vigil dumps Jaguar runner Domacio Berela and saved the touchdown. Photo by John McHale/

Quarterback Walker Eaton turns the corner near the Jaguar goal line with Daniel Gallegos hanging on for the tackle. Photo by John McHale/

Ryan Schwarzkopf hauls in a pass from quarterback Dylan Irish near the Jaguar goal line in the second quarter. Photo by John McHale/

A group of Toppers tackles the Jaguar runner, Nayati Harris. In the group includes: #42 Cade Yost, #20 Ryan Schwarzkoph and #6 Peter Janke. Photo by John McHale/

Joe Salazar catches a pass right on the out of bounds line near the Jaguar bench. Photo by John McHale/

Isaiah Scarborough catches a pass from quarterback Walker Eaton late in the fourth quarter. Photo by John McHale/