Toppers Clobber Chargers

Lauren Harris slides into home plate to help tally up the Toppers runs. Photo by Niccolo Snyder/

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Los Alamos Daily Post

The Los Alamos High School Girls’ softball team took part in their first home game of the season this Saturday, the first of April. The girls took on the Albuquerque Academy Chargers in a pair of games at Overlook Park. The Toppers looked eager to gain some support from their home crowd and may have a winning start to their games at home.

The first game against the Chargers was a hard fought battle between both teams. Savana Luster was first on the mound against Academy and put on quite a performance. The game had decent weather which thankfully did not look to affect play. The game started off with Academy putting up 2, which the Toppers answered by taking one back by the end of the first inning. The game took a turn in the second inning when the Toppers went a scoring run and put another four points on the board. The game went on with both teams trading point for point. Once it came down to the final inning, neither team could put up any points to top one or the other. The game headed into extra inning with the Toppers and Chargers tied 8-8. After fighting for every inch, the Topper girls took the edge over Academy in the bottom of the ninth inning, thanks to Megan Romero who earned herself a walk off hit.

After a quick break, the girls headed into their second game against the Chargers. This time Reyna Lucero took the mound to start. The Toppers took a one run lead in the first inning and put on quite the hitting show in the second, managing to bat in six runs. The Toppers kept hitting and were up by 6 going into the fifth inning. Academy seemed to be mounting a comeback when they scored five runs in the top of the fifth, cutting the Toppers lead down to only two. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worse, which resulted in the game ending early. The Toppers ended up winning 10-7 as a result of the cancelation. The Girls happily walked away with two wins under their belt. 

It was the Toppers ability to stay calm and composed at the plate which helped them grab a pair of wins. The Toppers also showcased their work rates and ability to stay fired up, Jayde Tuckers thoughts on the games were that, “The games were definitely a battle and there were lots of ups and downs, the weather was a big factor and we could have played even better if it was different.” 

Hopefully this will set a future example for how the girls plan to play on their home turf. Their next game is Tuesday the fourth at Overlook.