Topper Parent Organization Presents Teacher Wish List

TPO News:

One of the ongoing activities of the Los Alamos High School Topper Parent Organization is to present a list of items needed by LAHS teachers to meet or enhance educational needs.

Parents, community groups and individuals are encouraged to donate. Based on available funds and priorities, the TPO may also acquire items for staff use.

By providing items on the LAHS Wish List, community members can help cover the gaps in supply funding, so teachers don’t have to purchase so many supplies themselves.

Drop off items at the LAHS front office with a note indicating which department and teacher you would like the donation directed to and your name (optional.)

Teacher Wish Lists:

Margo Batha, literature teacher: post it notes and Crayola magic markers (thick and thin)

Kathleen Boerigter, chemistry teacher: small plastic containers with lids (like “urine specimen” sized containers), 500 mL glass or plastic bottles with lids for stock solution bottles, non-latex gloves (s, m, and l sizes) for labs with acids, two or three cards to Smith’s for household items used in labs (total $50 to $75), $25 to Metzgers for items used from their stores (batteries, nails for electro chemistry)

Anita Boshier, German teacher: a desk calendar (the ones that lie on the desk) for 2014. Kleenex one pack of plastic wallets. One pack of board pens (black/blue), a pack of envelopes (for normal letters)

Renee Dunwoody: a flag holder to attach a flag to the chalkboard

Debbie Grothaus, physics teacher: old, used wheeled items such as skateboards, rollerblades, carts, etc., old domino sets, and any used item that you think might be used in a physics class (projectiles, tools, bowling ball)

Kate Kettering, school nurse: travel size antiperspirant, styrofoam cups, 8 oz. bottled water, 6 oz. juice boxes, 100% juice, ginger ale, chewy granola bars

Stephanie Mitchell, biology teacher: tissues, oven mitts, and a drying rack for biology

Barbara Musgrave, science teacher: doorstop

Joanne Ploeger-special education chemistry teacher: dry erase markers, pocket folders, clip board, scotch tape dispenser and tape

Judy Nekimken, math teacher: white board markers (low odor), mechanical pencils or regular ones, pencil sharpener, Kleenex, hand sanitizer (giant bottle), inexpensive “baby” calculators

John Pawlak, math teacher: erasers (standard or small novelty shaped), colored pencils, tracing paper, small plastic mirrors (index card size), two sided tape (permanent) anti-bully items, including anti-bullying stickers, posters and rubber ducks, non-toxic water soluble face paint, towels and Lysol wipes

Cecily Merrill, video productions, photography and ceramics teacher: clay, new clay tools, brushes, and glazes

Whitney Pomeroy, literature teacher: markers, glue sticks, poster board, paper


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