Topper Hockey Team Wins Coveted North Star Trophy!

The Topper Hockey Team displays the coveted North Star Trophy returned to Los Alamos Saturday morning at the County Ice Rink after the game against the Taos Ice Tigers. When these two teams meet, the winner is awarded the Trophy. The Toppers played the Ice Tigers Friday night in Taos and the Toppers lost the Trophy 1-3. Saturday morning the two teams met in Los Alamos and the Toppers won the game 8-5 to regain the trophy. Photo by John McHale/

Carson Schramm fights for the puck in front of the Ice Tiger’s goal and finally scored his one goal of the game. Photo by John McHale/

Tyler Weiss gathers in the puck and heads to the Ice Tiger’s goal in the first period. Photo by John McHale/

Jacob Dunwoody makes a play for the puck in the first period. He had a goal in the second period. Photo by John McHale/

Kevin Dors works to keep control of the puck at mid ice in the second period. Photo by John McHale/

Goalie Sam Fisher makes another save in the third period. He has 49 shots on goal and saves all but 5. Photo by John McHale/

Andrew Jeffery works the puck in a crowd at mid ice in the third period. Photo by John McHale/

Ray Guffee scores a goal in the third period. His goal was number 8. Photo by John McHale/

Ty Swavely and a pair of  Ice Tigers battle for the puck. Photo by John McHale/