Topper Girls Win In Jaguar Country

Head Coach Lance Carter goes over the game strategies before sending the Hilltopper girl’s basketball team into Jaguar country Tuesday evening to play the Capital High School Lady Jaguars in Edward Ortez Gym in Santa Fe. The Toppers met this team earlier this year and won 41-40 and were hoping to repeat that match up, and they did just that. The first half was all Toppers who led 24-14 at the half. The second half was a different story as the Lady Jaguars came out with a full court press, which dropped the Topper lead to only one late in the 4th quarter. With only minutes left in the game, Michaela Gonzales and Becca Green hit crucial free-throws to lock-up the victory for the Toppers 45-41. Photo by John McHale/

Michaela Gonzales eyes the basket and is guarded by Jaci Coles early in the first quarter. Gonzales had 12 points for the evening. Photo by John McHale/

Becca Green finds the going tough under the Topper basket as she was double-teamed all evening. In spite of the heavy coverage, she was the high point scorer for the evening with 15 points. She is guarded by the Cole sisters. Photo by John McHale/

Natalie Gallegos finds an opening in the lane and moves to the net. She scored 7 points in the game. Photo by John McHale/

Reyna Morales tries for a shot under the Topper basket but is closely guarded by Yolanda Munoz. Photo by John McHale/

Mattie Ruminer closely guards Ethena Silva under the Jaguar basket. Photo by John McHale/

Alex Calderon tried to break through the man-to-man coverage to bring the ball into Topper territory. Photo by John McHale/

Lots of mid court action as the clock winds down to end the game. Photo by John McHale/