Topper Baseball Team Clips Belen Eagles

Topper pitcher Taylor Drake is credited with the win in the first game as he threw 12 strike outs and no walks. Photo by John McHale/

Second baseman Grant Watkins makes a catch for the 2nd out of the 1st inning. Photo by John McHale/


The Los Alamos High School Topper Baseball Team opened its home season with two wins over the Belen Eagles Saturday at Bomber Field. 

It was a very cold snowy morning as the game started but the action on the field was hot and fast.

Tayler Drake threw a gem of a game, allowing no runs and besting the Eagles by a score of 2-0. Drake was credited with the win for the Toppers, with 12 strikeouts and no walks. 

In the second game, the weather was still cold but the Toppers continued their attack on the Eagles.

Grant Watkins put up a great showing with a hot hand on the mound and also racked up four hits in the 9-3 victory.

Watkins was credited with the win, pitching five innings and only allowing one run and also homered in the 4th inning. 

Blake Simons hits a double, which allowed two runs to cross the plate and secure the win for the Toppers. Yes that’s snow! Photo by John McHale/

Calvin Wimer crosses the plate for run #1 and waits for Charles Steinkamp to score the winning run for the Toppers. Photo by John McHale/

Calvin Wimer was behind the plate for the Toppers. Photo by John McHale/

Gus Yeager safely steals 2nd as an Eagles player drops the ball. Photo by John McHale/

Blake Simons makes the catch in time for the out as an Eagle attempts to steal second and Steinkamp comes in from left field to back him up. Photo by John McHale/

Calvin Wimer throws out the Eagles batter at first base. Photo by Nate Limback/

Grant Watkins firing in a strike. Watkins had seven strike outs in the game. Photo by Nate Limback/