Top 10 DWI Absconder Captured

Absconder Wilson Kinlechee


Santa Fe – Today, the New Mexico Department of Transportation announced that one of the state’s top 10 DWI fugitives, Wilson Kinlechee, was recently captured by the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.

He is back behind bars on a probation violation and is facing a new aggravated DWI charge. Additionally, when officers arrested him, he did not have his driver’s license, vehicle registration or proof of insurance.

Kinlechee has been on the run since November 2015. This was the second time he fled supervision.

“This dangerous person is a great example of why we need to get drunk drivers off our roads,” NMDOT Cabinet Secretary Tom Church said. “These felons are putting the lives of our families in danger. I’m thankful to law enforcement who work tirelessly to get people like Kinlechee off our streets. ”

The “Top 10 List” of DWI absconders in the state is part of an initiative enacted by Gov. Susana Martinez to crackdown on repeat offender absconders. The top 10 DWI absconders are listed on the ENDWI website, along with absconders who have been captured. This is just one of the many initiatives spearheaded by Martinez to combat drunk driving.