Tips For Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up!
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The idea of a New Year’s resolution can be a bit of a non sequitur for some. True, it happens as we turn over the calendar in an effort to create a new start in various aspects of our lives, but it also happens while many of us are in the throes of the dead of winter.

Springtime may offer a more appropriate metaphor for fresh starts — birds chirping, flowers blooming, renewal upon us.

So take advantage of the coming spring days — they are coming, aren’t they? — to cut the clutter, clean things up and get things organized around the house and in your car.

At Home

Regular Maintenance— Your house is more than just an investment. So, naturally, you’ll want to take care of it. To add value and years of enjoyment to your home, make regular maintenance checks a part of your home maintenance checklist routine.

Buying a Fixer-upper— The idea of buying an older property and renovating it into your dream home or a moneymaker is appealing to many people. But with that excitement comes a lot of potential problems. Know what you’re getting yourself into.

Secure Landscaping —Your landscaping can lend to increased home security. Check out the video on right for tips on how you can turn springtime renewal into a safer home.

In Your Car

Got Trunk Junk?— Maybe it’s time to make another run at getting your vehicle organized. All most all of us have at least one emergency supply item in their vehicle, but a mere 9 percent of us have all our bases covered. And more than 60 percent of us have non-emergency items — aka “junk” — in their cars.

Here’s a list of suggested items for your trunk: Jumper cables, spare tire, hazard triangle, road flares, flashlight, first-aid kit, water and blanket.

Repairs Under the Hood— Just as importantly is getting everything under the hood in working order. Ignoring car care can cost you, so don’t let a $10 replacement part turn into a $1,000 car repair bill.

5 Repairs You Can Do Yourself— Some of us are all thumbs when it comes to car repair, but there are a handful of things to save a few bucks on smaller repairs and maintenance.


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