Tiny Subject, Big Fun With NanoDays at Bradbury Science Museum


LANL News:

The tiny, strange world of nanoscale science is a big subject at the Bradbury Science Museum these days, as the organization celebrates NanoDays 2013.

NanoDays is a national campaign, engaging people of all ages in learning about the emerging field of nanoscale science and engineering.

The Bradbury marks NanoDays 2013 with interactive demonstrations and activities on the museum floor on such apparently magical themes as a real-life invisibility cloak and metals with memory-all possible with nanoscience, the field of very, very tiny technology.

  • When: March 25-28
  • Where: Bradbury Science Museum, 1350 Central Ave., Los Alamos, (505) 667-4444
  • Questions? Contact Bradbury Science Museum educators Gordon McDonough or Liz Martineau at (505) 606-1492

“The prefix ‘nano’ means one-billionth. When we say ‘nanoscale’ we are talking about sizes in the range from a nanometer to a few hundred nanometers,” said Gordon McDonough, Bradbury Science Museum educator. “It is a strange world where materials behave quite differently than they do on our more familiar ‘bulk’ scale. Light travels about a foot in a nanosecond.”

As part of the outreach effort for the event, Bradbury’s science education staff will also be interviewed at 7:30 a.m., March 25 on KRSN-AM.


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