Tigers Eye Healing Aids Personal Transformations

Victoria LeDuc

Los Alamos Daily Post
Feeling stuck in a rut, stressed, anxious and desiring a change? Tigers Eye Healing owner Victoria LeDus said she can help at her alternative healing business in White Rock.

LeDuc, a Los Alamos native, is certified in Reiki as well as in meditation. She is pursuing certification to become a Law of Attraction coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. She will be a certified Law of Attraction coach by the end of the year.

She has been a Reiki Master for almost two years. LeDuc describes Reiki as “massage for the soul,” adding it utilizes universal energy to relax. Additionally, she’s been certified as a meditation instructor for about a year and is now offering meditation sessions.

She became interested in these practices because she experienced stress and anxiety in her own life.

“I wanted something to release stress, relax, and center myself again without taking pills,” LeDuc said.

She recommends Reiki to help alleviate pain and stress, adding, “it could help with feeling centered and relaxed.”

LeDuc said meditation also is excellent for assisting people to get back into their flow of energy. She explained that both modalities remove edginess and helps people feel great.
LeDuc said she enjoys seeing the positive effects these different practices have on her clients.

“I love taking people through meditation … (and) I love seeing them walk out after a Reiki treatment feeling centered, at peace and happy,” she said.

LeDuc said she has had many clients walk out from their sessions “ready to take on the world!”

Furthermore, LeDuc said, “If you have repeatedly felt that there is some lack or limitation in your life that you would like to change or overcome a Law Of Attraction Coach can assist you in reaching your goals, moving through setbacks, moving on from past negative emotions, and creating new ways to achieve the life you want to live.”
LeDuc explained Law of Attraction is a form of life coaching that can help people make personal transformations in any area of their life.
For more information on Tigers Eye Healing, visit https://tigerseyehealing.com/.

LeDuc is offering long-term sessions and for a limited time, a free 30-minute first-time Law Of Attraction consultation session.