This Year … Bring On The Moisture

This Year … Bring On The Moisture
By June English, LE and Jennifer Linder M.D.
One of the most important attributes for skin is hydration, no matter what time of year.
During the colder, drier winter months it becomes more of a challenge to achieve this. However, it can be done by understanding how the skin functions, as well as adopting therapies to introduce and lock moisture into the skin. Anyone can achieve balanced, hydrated skin throughout the seasons.
Where moisture is concerned, the Stratum Corneum (SC) plays an important role in the function, health, and maintenance of the skin. The Stratum Corneum is often referred to as a brick wall and mortar, where the bricks are dead skin cells (corneocytes) that contain a complex combination of lactic acid, urea, salts and amino acids, collectively referred to as the skins natural moisturizing factor  (NMF). The mortar is made up of ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids that organize themselves into layers, creating a natural water-binding barrier for the skin. It is when the bricks and mortar breakdown that the skin loses its ability to hold onto moisture.
One of the primary ways to stay moisturized is to hydrate from the inside out. Proper water consumption each and every day has an immense impact on the health of skin. Without enough water, the skin will display decreased elasticity, dryness, and an inability to properly regenerate itself. Without the continuous shedding of dead skin cells, inflammation, acne and an overall dull appearance will result.
Additionally, hydrating agents that help seal water into the skin, as well as beneficial oils, are essential for proper moisturization. While many people associate oil with breakouts and acne, there are many advantages to using oils in skin care, so including them in daily care regimens can only aid in the proliferation of healthy skin. Without a balance of oils, we may actually over-produce oil from our glands, which can only lead to unwanted breakouts.
While utilizing moisturizing ingredients in daily care is of utmost importance, your Skin Care Professional, i.e. Esthetician, is an important part of maintaining hydration. Advanced levels of moisture can be infused into your skin through monthly treatments via chemical peels and professional masks. These treatments will help remove any impacted skin cells to further improve the skin’s ability to absorb hydrating and exfoliating ingredients.
By following these strategies and therapies for proper moisterization, your Esthetician will help you enjoy healthy, luminous skin daily and continuously, no matter what the thermometer reads.
June English is a licensed Esthetician and owner of Professional Skin Care Choices located at 1247 Central Ave., Suite 207-F, Los Alamos. Contact her at 505.507.0124 or send an email to Website:
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