This Week’s On Tap Features Art Therapist Trish Ebbert

Art Therapist Trish Ebbert with her own art work. Courtesy/Fuller Lodge Art Center

Fuller Lodge Art Center

This week’s topic for the On Tap gathering is art! Meet 5:30- 7 p.m. at the Manhattan Project Restaurant to hear Art Therapist/Counselor Trish Ebbert talk about the benefits of art for one’s good mental health.

She also will have the audience engage in a simple group art therapy activity.

“No fear. You will not be graded on this!” Ebbert said. “Expect a lighthearted and fun evening – no one will be ‘analyzed’ either! However, I cannot guarantee that you may or may not discover something about yourself!” 

Art Therapy has been a nationwide accredited profession since 1960.  Licensed Art Therapists have a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling.

Art is precognitive; therefore it is symbolic, metaphorical, subconscious and therapeutically informative. It accesses deep parts of the self. Creative mediums, such as watercolor, clay, chalk, collage or a variety of other mediums are used to facilitate a therapeutic process. This process allows individuals to integrate unconscious aspects of their experience and increase one’s self-awareness. No art experience is required as the finished product is not necessarily the aim of Art Therapy.

Ebbert is in private practice at Los Alamos Art Therapy and Counseling Center, LLC. To learn more about her work, visit

The On Tap Series is presented by the Los Alamos Creative District every Thursday. Each session begins with a 10-15 minute lecture by a local expert followed by a group discussion. Fuller Lodge Art Center facilitates the second Thursday of each month.