This Week At Farmers Market July 2

LAFM News:
Look at what’s at the Farmers Market this week:
Lamb, shrimp, ungraded eggs, honey, honey sticks, vegetable juices, cider snow cones, dried apples, beets, carrots, turnips, shishitos, onions, garlic, squashes, radishes, peas – snap and english, salad greens, heads of lettuce, fennel, dill, potatoes, mulberries, strawberries, cherries, jams, vinegars, sauces, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, lettuce mixes, asian greens, green onions, leeks, dried sage sticks, sage, pizzas, decorations, cut flowers, plants, herbs, vegetable starts, hanging pots, native new mexico plants, squash blossoms, goat milk soaps, certified organic seeds and starts, kimichi, kettle corn, sharpening service for all your sharpening needs, breads-loaves, herb breads, fruit breads, challah, pizzas, scones, cake, muffins, goat cheese spreads, cow cheeses, gluten free baked breads and pastries, apple wood for smoking, green beans, fillet beans, market baskets, aprons, and market bags.
The week also at Market:
*Robert Lopez – the Los Alamos Magician
* ScienceFest 
Ice Cream Social:
This week at market we will be giving out Ice cream push ups. This will start around 10 a.m. until all are given out. Just a way to help keep shoppers a little cooler and to thank them for their support of the Los Alamos Farmers’ Market.
Los Alamos County Home Economist:
Have questions on canning, drying, or just haven’t done any and want to find out where to start? Helen Idzorek has answers and is located in the small building next to the Senior Center. She invites folks to drop by to discuss canning and all its properties. She will be there all day.
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