The Tale Of The Trampled Toppers

The girls and coaches huddle up to motivate and plan for their attack at Wednesday’s game against Capital at Griffith Gym. Photo by Niccolo Snyder/

Ashley Atencio feels the pressure from Maria Chavez under the basket in the1st period. Photo by John McHale/


Student Sports Reporter Intern
Los Alamos Daily Post

Wednesday night’s district clash between the Lady Toppers and Capital at Griffith Gym was a jumble of emotions that led to heartbreak. The tale begins with a splashed three point shot by Sienna Ahlers, which riled up the crowd. With a seven-point JV victory previous to the Varsity battle, theToppers fans were hoping for a similar conclusion. Yet the Girls just couldn’t live up to those expectations.

The Girls lined up against Capital with their fabulous five, including Isabel Larribas, Elena Abeyta, Ahlers, Ashely Atencio, and Shannon Irwin. The first quarter was like an orchestra playing in perfect pitch: the passes were smooth, points were stacking up, and the girls were communicating. With a 19-14 lead, the Toppers were hoping for a replication of their Monday night performance when they topped the number two ranked team in the state.

Unfortunately, their brimming performance fell short in the next quarter when they lost their lead and went into the half time down by 3. The third quarter was an attempt to bring the game back, yet again luck was not on their side. At this point the crowd was somewhat subdued which did not help the girl’s confidence level either. After a couple of talks with the coach, good communication, and a little elbow grease, the girls took their first lead since the second quarter with only six minutes left in the fourth.

The Jaguars and Toppers traded off leads and wrangled each other again and again. In comparing shots made versus shots missed, the Toppers slowed down and gave up their lead. In the dying seconds, the Toppers held on for a last hope, but they could not prevail and achieve their Fairy Tale ending. The Toppers ended up dropping the game 47-50.

The girls may have been defeated but aren’t giving up. Ahlers agreed, “We are trying our best and hopefully we can come out stronger next time.” The Toppers played strong but hopefully can improve for their next game on Saturday against Del Norte.


Alena Abeyta once again had a big night scoring 9 points. Here she goes for 2 as Miranda Cortex guards her. Photo by John McHale/

Becca Green tries to turn the corner under the Topper in the 2nd period basket but Rachel Friend guards the path. Green finished with 9 points. Photo by John McHale/

Shannon Irwin finds the going tough in the 4th period as Rachel Friend and Ishara Sorenson block the way. Irwin had 8 points. Photo by John McHale/

Sienna Ahlers brings the ball down court in a hurry in the 4th period. Photo by John McHale/


The LAHS Band was on hand to elevate the crowd. Photo by John McHale/